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The Complete WordPress Security Guide

There is a myth that is spreading across the web that says WordPress is not a secure and is full of security holes. In this article we discuss what can be done to strengthen the security of WordPress websites by a few simple actions that will keep your website secure and assure your peace of mind.

Migrate WordPress Website from previous Host

Migrating a Website can be an exhausting process for novice users. To avoid unnecessary headaches and waste of time, we offer an easy Free Website Migration System to all our customers as part of the Hosting Service we provide.

Reseller Hosting at uPress

Here’s an opportunity for all our customers. Join our Reseller Program that allows you to provide your clients with our hosting services. uPress Resellers are usually companies that manage several websites that require routine operations. You can now offer services..

How to force WordPress to check for updates

Forcing your website to check for updates using a plugin is recommended for saving time along with having the updates shown in the Control Panel. In this article we will explain how to force WordPress to check for updates.

With or without WWW – which website address is better for SEO in WordPress?

When you add WWW to your website address, it works as a Hostname. It might help with DNS to limit Cookies when using Sub-Domains and more. In this article we will explain the differences between websites with WWW and without WWW in their domain address.

How to Install WordPress using the uPress Admin Panel

This article will teach you how to install WordPress on a new website under the uPress admin panel.

The uPress Site Migration Tool

Migrating a WordPress website from a Development Server to a Client Server is a fairly simple task. Many experienced developers become entangled in this process due to the long list of operations and unfortunately fail to perfectly and successfully migrate a website from server to server. This is why we developed the ground breaking uPress Website Migration Tool, which amazingly simplifies the Website Migration Process.

Sharing Hosting Packages

Who are Resellers? A Reseller can be either a Web Developer, a company that promotes websites, or a customer with several websites that need regular maintenance. The End User (Website Owner) works with the Reseller as a hosting service provider, while with uPress, the Reseller manages client-provider relationships. In the following article, we explain the advantages of working as the Reseller.

uPress provides a safer more secure internet with SSL Certificates – at no extra cost

Buying online is a cause of concern for many customers for understandable reasons - none of us likes to leave their credit card details inside a web page whose degree of security is not clear. Credit card fraud are common and this causes great concern among clients who want to purchase through internet clearing services. However, the demand for online products is increasing year by year, due to the security solutions currently offered.

How to protect your posts or pages with a Password

Have you ever thought about creating a post just for your close friends or family? Or post only for editors on your WordPress site? As a content publishing platform, Wordpress comes with some basic content visibility options, which most novice users  ignore. In this article, we'll show you how to protect a page or post in WordPress using a password.