Why Build Your Site with a Popular WordPress Theme

Now that you’ve decided to create a WordPress website, the theme you choose will be crucial. You'll want a premium theme complete with all the necessary features, visual layouts, and latest tools. Learn all about Newspaper, a unique news and WooCommerce WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease.

WordPress is a popular CMS. The most popular one out there. Now that you've decided to create a WordPress website, you'll need a host and a theme. At uPress you'll find a great managed WordPress hosting solution that can speed up your site's performance. If you're thinking of creating a content-loaded blog, this is exactly what you could possibly need. However, besides these, you also have to choose your new theme. Our recommendation for today is a premium theme full with all the necessary features, visual layouts, and premium tools. The Newspaper theme by tagDiv is a popular WordPress theme and the best-selling one for the news, blog, editorial, or publishing industries.

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Who is tagDiv?

tagDiv is a Software Company that's based in Romania and has been part of the WordPress industry since September 2013. With more than 120,000 customers worldwide, this company consists of experienced web developers, web designers, and skilled digital marketers that join forces to create the best web solutions.

tagDiv has built the Newspaper and Newsmag WordPress themes for the blog, news, and publishing industries. The team also provides on-demand web development and web design solutions for any web owner that wants to implement custom ideas. Some of their customers number United Nations, UBER Engineering, TOK HIT, Welthee, Share America, Rackspace, Tech Explorist, and many more.

With technologies such as WordPress, MySql, android, PHP, iOS, Vue.js, Bootstrap, and more, tagDiv performs:

  • User Experience Design
  • Web design & development
  • Performance optimization
  • eCommerce development
  • Digital support services
  • WordPress development
  • Frontend development
  • and more.

If you're interested, it's quite simple to get in touch with the team. All you have to do is to submit a request and include all the details about your project.

Why is Newspaper a Popular WordPress Theme?

The Newspaper theme is available exclusively on Envato, Themeforest market for $59, and  you benefit from 6 months of free support & lifetime updates. The Newspaper theme package contains all the prebuilt websites (demo designs), PHP, CSS, and JS Files, premium plugins, and others.


It is compatible with latest versions of WordPress, starting with WordPress 4.0 up to WordPress 5.8+. The Newspaper theme has more than 115,000 sales and a 4.82 rating out of 5, based on more than 7,010 ratings.

With this theme, you can build multi-language websites, as Newspaper is WPML compatible. Furthermore, you can create eShops, as the theme is integrated with WooCommerce and has built-in eCommerce functionality.


Using the latest technologies, the Newspaper theme is responsive & flexible and is highly customizable on the front-end. The template is loaded with many tools that can help users to create a professionally-looking WordPress site.

Newspaper theme comes with tagDiv Composer, a live editing page builder that allows you to customize all the elements. The functionality given by this tool is drag and drop so it's easy to move, delete, modify, duplicate or reuse customized short-codes.

In the package, there's also a gallery of pre-made design templates that are editable and customizable. It's called tagDiv Cloud Library. From homepages, single post templates to author, search, and sections pages, you can quickly import the desired one and assign it globally or individually.

With this theme you can customize the top and bottom of your site, as Newspaper includes a header and footer builder that allow you to do so.

Easy to Monetize

As publishers look for ways to monetize their content, this theme has several ways to add banners, advertisements on the site.

Furthermore, there's a membership plugin called tagDiv Opt-In Builder that allows editors to lock content and provide access only to the members.

Why Choose the Newspaper theme?

There are many reasons why you should start working with the Newspaper Theme, and for making it an easy choice, we've made a PROS and CONS section.


  • Front-end customization
  • Responsive, ready for mobile devices
  • 120+ prebuilt websites (demos)
  • Fast and versatile
  • Includes tagDiv Cloud Library with premade design templates
  • Header and Footer Builder
  • AdSense and Google Ads ready
  • Membership Plugin to increase marketing effectiveness
  • eCommerce ready
  • WPML compatible


  • Not RTL ready
  • Many features that could be overwhelming if you are a beginner

Newspaper is an All-In-One Solution

There are plenty of WordPress themes out there, but very few authors bring the best in them. Newspaper theme is a popular WordPress theme and the best one in the blogging and news community. You'll see thousands of newspapers and magazines built with the tagDiv theme. Each with its own designs and color schemes, and created to deliver the best UI and UX best practices. As managed WordPress hosting professionals, we know how important it is to make an honest choice. Newspaper is an all-in-one solution, due to the amount of features and the possibility to extend everything with custom services implemented by the theme's software company.

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