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Managed WordPress Hosting – Simply The Best.

Stunning Speed, Accurate Performance, Powerful Security with our unique User-Friendly Management Panel. At uPress, WordPress is your platform and our passion.

uPress is an advanced hosting system designed specifically for WordPress websites.
Manage your websites easily, instantly and independently. 
You have the power to perform all actions on your own, even without prior experience. 
However, if a helping hand is needed, VIP Customer Support is available 24/7.

Here are a few of our system’s amazing features:

No need for additional plugins or extensions.

uPress Infrastructure was designed for super-fast page loading to any WP website, WP eCommerce or WP blog.

uPress takes all necessary steps to prevent your website from being  hacked.

Our Web Firewall system continually learns and identifies thousands of WordPress vulnerabilities and potential hacks.

uPress provides a directory of recommended WordPress plugins,
including a wide variety of money saving premium plugins.

uPress Directory includes authorized plugins from WordPress’s official plugin directory. Easy to install and readily activated with one click on your uPress panel.

uPress provides a safer internet by installing unlimited TLS/SSL certificates free of charge!

The certificate is automatically installed by clicking the "Order Certificate" button on your uPress Hosting Panel.

If your website has been previously hacked, your security is still highly vulnerable.

Secure your website once and for all with the uPress Original Repair Tool by fixing the root of the security breach.  uPress Repair Tool is developed specifically for WordPress.

We are so confident in our product, our goal is full transparency.

We provide all clients access to the uPress Performance Monitoring Tools: Automatic and Scheduled website integrity checks - not just for websites we host, but for all their websites.

All our servers fully support HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 is the first major upgrade of the HTTP communication protocol.

HTTP/2 is expected to improve speed and performance of your website without changing your existing code - the server makes the changes for you - and websites encrypted with SSL/TLS certificates.

uPress Interface was designed specifically for hosting WordPress websites. The level of support uPress provides is unmatched. On top of that we provide a professional and courteous VIP Customer Support Team always available and always happy to assist and answer any question that may arise.

If your website was previously hosted by a different server, all you need to do is give us the address and password for your old server and we will transfer it to uPress at no cost. 

Make significant changes to your website without revealing them to the world. uPress allows you to duplicate the existing website, make changes and publish it "live" when you are ready through our unique Sandbox Staging Environment.

uPress performs daily automatic backups for all sites. You can also recover files or databases from the last 30 days using our User-Friendly interface.

A hard drive's read/write speed limits the performance of your WordPress site. uPress Servers are based on fast SSDs, that result in a server performance being 10 times faster.

Do you have a WordPress website? Do you want to sleep well at night?

The most affordable WordPress hosting packages designed just for you

● Nearly 100% protection from cyber-attacks and hackers, thanks to an advanced firewall, and our impenetrable Global Security System (uPGSS) made specifically for the WordPress platform.

● No need to wait for support. You can do everything instantly and easily with our innovative User Friendly easy to operate system.

● Amazing speed and performance at any given moment,
Your site is stored on lightning-fast, highly advanced servers, for good! You server is especially adapted to deliver top performance on WordPress.

● Packages are ideally matched to your needs ,
We built these packages after tuning in to the needs of thousands of WordPress site owners.

● Unrivaled support for WordPress sites.
Tons of straight-forward video tutorials, your questions and answers on most existing issues available at your fingertips. Backed up by a highly professional VIP WordPress Customer Support Staff.

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Simple and Intuitive Control Panel

Dedicated Management Platforms for WordPress, Full Control, Convenient Interface.

Thousands of customers worldwide benefit from uPress innovation.

Be in great company, join our satisfiedgratefulexpanding customers who recommendtrustappreciateuPress.

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