Managed WordPress hosting FAQ

We are fluent in both English and Geek, and are happy to talk to you. Our Support Team is well-versed in WordPress and we can walk you through troubleshooting, migration, features or customization. We’ve put our knowledge base here, but just in case you need further support, please reach out!

Managed WordPress hosting is a great way to offload those pesky tasks (you'll never grow to love) associated with managing a website. When your site is managed by the host, you don't have to deal with conducting backups, WordPress updates, and security checks. That's our job. Just sit back and sip a blueberry mojito while we handle the grunt work.

Take a look at our "What is managed WordPress hosting?" blog for a more detailed explanation and our "Do you need managed WordPress hosting?" blog to see if managed WordPress hosting is the right solution for you.

That’s the million dollar question, right? Okay, here goes:

First of all, we specialize in WordPress sites. We've devoted our time, energy and expertise to finding powerful solutions to the unique hosting needs of WordPress sites. If you're running WordPress, we're willing to wager that we've likely covered your bases better than anyone else out there.

Next, our control panel gives you a level of control that you've never had before. It's like putting you behind the wheel of a Porsche when everyone out there is offering Hondas. If you're a novice, it'll let you manage your site like a pro. If you’re a pro, it'll make you into a magician.

Last, but by no ways least, speed and security are our “thing.” After all, if you have a great site, but your visitors can't visit it, that's a crying shame. We invest in advanced technology and even create some of our own to keep your site loading fast and staying secure.

Moving to uPress is as easy as 1, 2, 3! (Cliche… but true!)
  1. You send us the details of your current hosting provider.
  2. We duplicate your website.
  3. You check our duplicate against your current website and approve.

Before contacting support, we recommend that you review our Help Center’s detailed tutorials that cover the main topics people usually need help with. (We live by the motto: give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a man a tutorial and he will eat forever.)

If you still need the human touch, you can contact our support team any time. We'll be happy to hold your hand and get your site back on the high road.

So our customers say - and we don’t give rewards for flattery, so we’re inclined to believe it’s true!

We’ve put effort into maximum optimization of load parameters from the communication layer to the WordPress core layer. (In plain English: we made sure that everything that contributes to load speed works as well as it possibly can. No compromising.)

Because of that, our customers typically see a significant improvement in page loading speed when they come to uPress from general hosting providers.

Do we ever!

We run an automated daily backup of all your sites. Each site keeps a 30-day backup history, so you can restore select files, all files or the database.

In addition, you can back up your site manually in real time before making critical changes. No more “Oops…” or agonized “Oh, NO!”s.

We geek, so you don’t have to. Although no one can guarantee an impenetrable defense against cyberattacks, we’ve developed a number of advanced security tools to help protect you and your sites, including:

  • A Web Firewall that helps block attacks and security breaches on your site.
  • A WordPress Clinic that provides information and helps fix common security vulnerabilities and exploitable openings.
  • Tools to manage blocked IPs, display reports about suspicious file changes and suspicious site access, block access to WordPress Admin after several failed login attempts and restrict access to WordPress Admin from specific countries only.

More? Oh, yeah, there’s more. Talk to us directly, though - if we keep listing all the security goodies we love, we’ll put half of our site visitors to sleep.

With pleasure! There’s nothing that makes our day like cleaning up security issues that are dragging sites down. (We considered making our tagline “Who’re you gonna call? Hack-busters!” - but decided it might be a copyright infringement problem.)

Once your site has been transferred to our servers, we’ll do our best to crawl it and clean it up from any existing security issues. Our automated system will even give you a report of security vulnerabilities and recommendations or tools to reduce the possibility of hacking and infiltrations in the future.

Very few. Chances are that if you want to use any one of the 400,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugins Directory, you’re good to go!

If you’re really concerned, check out our list of unapproved extensions.

Yep! uPress has servers in both the USA and Europe. When you sign up for a hosting package, you can choose the location of the server on which the site will be stored, making yourself more accessible to your target audience.

Sure thing! SEO providers have been hosting their sites on uPress since way back when, so we’ve worked in a whole bunch of features to benefit them. We work in conjunction with SEO Edge to make different IP classes available for your different sites should you want that.

Depends how well your server neighbors learned to share in kindergarten.

Seriously, though - on a shared server, the resources available are shared (who’da thunk?) between all the sites stored on that server. The only way you can get exclusive resources is on a VPS (virtual private server).

That said, the uPress shared servers are designed to make sure that everyone shares nicely. We use the most advanced hardware and technologies to constantly monitor the server activity and manage resources so that each site receives exactly what it needs for smooth, stable and secure operation.

But no one can guarantee the amount of RAM you’ll get on a shared server. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Of course. You can easily set up CronJobs through the uPress management interface.

No way! We believe that you shouldn’t have to stay with any provider you’re not satisfied with. You can cancel the service at any time (although you will, obviously, be charged for what you’ve used in accordance with the Terms of Service that appear on this site).

We’re pretty sure - in fact, we’re confident - that the only reason you’d move from uPress is if you decide that you’re giving up all your websites and devoting your life to artisanal fishing in Indonesia.

(But seriously, you'll understand very well what is managed WordPress hosting and why uPress is for you very soon after you've signed on.)

Sure! You can easily set up additional email addresses to receive copies of your invoices. Just access the admin panel. On the personal menu at the top, select My Transaction Invoices and add the other email address that you would like to receive invoices. Done.

Annual or monthly payments can be made by credit card (Visa, American Express) or PayPal.

Didn’t get your question answered? Still trying to figure out -- what is managed WordPress hosting? No problem. We’re happy to speak directly.

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Didn’t get your question answered?

No problem. We’re happy to speak directly.

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