Managed WordPress hosting: Features

Reliability & Availability

Have you asked yourself, do you need managed WordPress hosting?

If you hate waiting for websites to load, we feel you! There’s nothing that gives us anxiety like a slow website. All uPress managed WordPress hosting packages give your site the infrastructure to load quickly, so you won’t keep your site visitors waiting. What is managed WordPress hosting, you ask?

uPress enables you to create a site backup with the click of a button, in addition to the automatic backups that we run for you every few days. If anything goes wrong, we can get your site up and running again ridiculously fast, since we have those previous versions stored.

While we all need downtime, at uPress, we ensure that any website downtime is minimal, and we do our best to let you know about it ahead of time.

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Seamless Move to uPress

Moving from your current hosting provider to uPress is simpler than making a cup of coffee (okay, maybe that’s a wee bit exaggerated, but not by much). Here’s what you do:

You send us the details of your current hosting provider.

We duplicate your website.

You check our duplicate against your current website and approve.

Done. See? That’s all there is to it!

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Safe and Secure

Think of uPress as your website guard dog with the intelligence of a german shepherd, the loyalty of a rottweiler, the speed of a doberman and the power of a bulldog. Although no one can ever tell you that your site is hack-proof (when somebody tells you that, they’re lying - ask any geek) we are intensely proactive about protecting your website.

Security measures include:

  • Protecting your site and your privacy with a series of defenses.
  • Regularly running a number of different scans to detect potential weaknesses and attack attempts.
  • The uPress Web Firewall detects and blocks different types of infiltration.

Still asking yourself, do you need managed WordPress hosting? Explore plans today.

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Hand-Holding Support

What’s the definition of a good host? Someone who makes sure you have everything you need to be comfy, from extra towels to cookies by your bed in case you get up hungry at midnight. Our Support Team is chock-full of handpicked hospitality experts (who speak both Geek and Non-Geek, your choice) available via chat or email to help you and your website feel comfortable and resolve issues you may run into.
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Designed for WordPress

You know how you’ve been ignoring updating WordPress or your plugins to the latest version because you don’t want to break your site? No longer! uPress provides you with a super easy-to-use development area where you can test changes before they go live. And of course, your ability to do one-click backups means that if anything unexpected does happen, you can easily restore the site to its previous state.

uPress also gives you direct access to the WordPress Library and WordPress security tools, right from within the uPress interface. One button, no hassle.

In short, the uPress control panel has such user-friendly tools that you’ll soon find yourself managing your site with the ease of an expert.

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Development Environment

A full and secure development environment featuring multiple uPress and WordPress website design tools and functionalities.

  • Sandboxed development and testing environment including temporary domains
  • Collaboration with uPress or external users via secured and time-limited shared access to websites
  • Automatic website migration and duplication tools
  • Access to the WordPress tools including the Website Design Library and sample texts
  • Advanced hosting management tools
  • Advanced database and file management tools
  • Advanced cached database and file search / replace tools
  • At-a-click website publication tool
  • Error logs, alerts and reports
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Reliable & Available

Have you asked yourself, do you need managed WordPress hosting? Whether a personal, business or VPS plan, all uPress packages offer more than enough bandwidth and disk space to support reliable and highly-available connectivity.

  • uPress servers supply speed at levels that drastically improve site performance
  • Content Delivery Network, reducing server load and improving loading time
  • Automatic and seamless, 30-day backup and restoration
  • Version upgrades via control panel
  • Monitored and low planned downtime
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More Reach

Faster access and site upload for increased target audience and a more advanced customer experience.

  • Improved reach over globally-distributed servers
  • Faster site upload via uPress SuperCache technology that continually saves and caches websites, webpages and databases
  • Faster browsing capabilities via HTTP2 protocol
  • Support for IPv6 for additional customer reach
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Seamless Migration

Lowering the stress using our Site Migration Tool and site duplication, you’re ready to go in three hassle-free steps:

  1. You open an account and send us the details of your current server
  2. We duplicate your website, its databases and files and then send you a temporary domain
  3. You compare between your current and duplicated website, approve it and then update your domain name

uPress Site Migration supports DirectAdmin, cPanel, GIT, BitBucket and Duplicator.

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Your Site, uPress Secure

  • Security layers and cybersecurity tools in order to protect your site from cyberattacks
  • Compliance with major data principles
  • Free SSL certification for encrypted data transfer
  • uPress Web Firewall to detect and block different types of infiltrations
  • Direct and secured SSO login to all your websites
  • Daily scans over WordPress code via monitoring, alerting and reporting modules
  • Automatic 30-day backup of hosted services
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Comprehensive Control Panel & Dashboard

Highly intuitive and customizable, the uPress control panel and dashboard offer advanced website management options and at-a-click access to multiple WordPress tools.

  • Website performance and subscription management tools and statistics
  • Collapsible Home page side bar with links to websites, monitoring tools, servers, Technical support and more
  • At-a-click sandboxed development and testing environment
  • Advanced DNS tools
  • Users management, adding, removing and grouping users and their access permissions
  • Direct installation and access to WordPress tools
  • Multisite support with SSO login to all WordPress sites in your account
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Managed WordPress hosting: Installation & Access

At-a-click WordPress installation and access to tools, add-ins and plug-ins.

  • Automatic installation and update of WordPress versions, add-ins and plug-ins
  • Access to the WordPress Library
  • Advanced user management tools
  • Access to WordPress security tools including, SSL certification, Web firewall, access control, advanced reports and the WordPress Clinic
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