Why uPress?

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to managed WordPress hosting services.
So, why us?

Because, first of all, we are real, live people

Who have been exactly in the spot you’re in, know how you feel, and can actually help you. You will not have to wait a zillion years to get help from a qualified, knowledgeable techie dedicated to solving any problems you have, explaining the process of migration, or walking you through how to manage your control panel. We are the best managed WordPress hosting provider and are here to help. Still wondering, do you need managed WordPress hosting?

Reach out and talk to us!

We are flexible in terms of upload limits, we empower you to control your own PHP options, and we don’t shackle you into only whitelisted versions.

We are intensely reliable with over 99% up-time, a 5-star customer service rating, competitive pricing packages, and over 30 years of collective experience troubleshooting.

We speak Geek, and are happy to do so, if that’s your flavor. If you need help in regular English, buzzword-free, we can do that too!


CEO / Founder of uPress

Where did uPress managed WordPress hosting come from?

Nati, our founder, has been tinkering with technology all his life. He was one of those kids who dismantled circuit boards for kicks, much to the dismay of his parents, who were fairly confident he’d electrocute himself before he could shave. Despite their hard-earned frequent flyer card in the local emergency room (mostly shocks and burns, but in addition, the occasional broken appendage from surfing) Nati continued to putter and turned himself into a web developer in high school, a system administrator in college, and a design architect by the time he could buy a beer.

As he launched a career in system architecture, he was plagued with disappointment regarding the breakdown of his time. Although he was desperate to innovate and push the boundaries of what was technologically possible, Nati found that more than 50% of his day was dedicated to fixing things that were constantly broken. “Why can’t it just WORK?” became his mantra, and he realized that he needed to build a hosting platform that did exactly that: just worked.

uPress WordPress management services is his brain-child: We are a managed WordPress host that proudly boasts more than 99% up-time, with a dedicated, inventive staff actually interested in helping each and every client focus on their business instead of on their website.

Our leadership

We are sweet on technology, but we love people more (ok, and our dogs. We are a little obsessed with our dogs.)

Since our collective dedication is split between tech and people, it stands to reason that every member of our team invests so much of his or her time, effort, and ingenuity into proactively developing a managed WordPress hosting platform that has already changed the rules of the game.

Our team is filled with sophisticated, innovative software developers, cyber professionals (ok, former hackers - tomay-to/tomah-to), UX-UI designers and WordPress professionals who prioritize stability, speed, and access that doesn’t require our clients to speak Geek.

We all want it to JUST WORK. 
And it does. Meet our team!


Founder and CEO

Our CEO and Founder, Nati, has been a techie since the age of four. He’s a Linux expert, senior backend programmer, network administrator, expert in security and a dedicated partner in a variety of grassroots tech projects. Just don’t look for him in the office on a day the sea has great waves.


Co-Founder and VP

Dave, our Vice President and Co-founder, is a Senior Full Stack Programmer and WordPress wizard. These days, Dave is responsible for the development of varied advanced technological projects. Upon retirement, Dave plans to devote more time to his first love… refurbishing vintage cars and antique motorcycles.


WordPress guru

Rufi is a certified WordPress guru who specializes in cybersecurity. She is a perfectionist, obsessed with precision and esthetics, and we’re lucky that one of her passions is chocolate dessert design, which positions her as the most popular kid at all of our parties.


Administrative Manager

Our cherished HR executive, Alonah thrives on complex problem solving and identifying and recruiting top talent. By chance (well, maybe not by chance) she loves putting together 5,000 piece puzzles.


Community Relations Manager

Ma'ayan, when she’s not surfing or riding one of her horses, heads up our Customer and Community Relations department. She’s earned valuable customer loyalty since she’s exceptionally dedicated and consistently goes that extra mile for each and every one of our clients.


Senior Engineer

Ilan and technology have been like peas and carrots since his childhood. For Ilan, our Chief Programmer, coding is songwriting, and he is infatuated with the development of smart, good-looking code. In his spare time, he builds contraptions - before most of us had even heard the term, Ilan had already built his own advanced drone and swears to us that he does not spy on his neighbors. We don’t really believe him.


DevOps Programmer

WordPress Pro in operations infrastructure, monitoring services and adapting them to fit changing demands, plus a DevOps Programmer, you want to have a guy like Maxin on your side. The tougher the problem, the more he’ll work to crack it.



Omer is the guiding hand of uPress operations, with his deep understanding of processes, performance, Wordpress and another 101 things. When it comes down to it, we’re most impressed by his deep understanding of people. In a parallel universe, Omer would have been head of the International Association for Analytical Psychology.


Principal Software Engineer

Karina lives and breathes software engineering. With extensive experience in developing complex systems, Karina is the first one to jump on any development challenge. And the harder the challenge, the better. "Easy," Karina insists, "is boring."


Customer and Vendor Relations

Avia discovered the world of hi-tech services after years working with youth groups. Her calm, patience and ability to clearly explain complex concepts have been honed to a T, making her just the person you want to speak to when your computer is acting like a hormonal adolescent.

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