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There are those years in which you have to Introspect about your gains and if had any major change in life, in business…
This year I met Dave, and uPress. Very humane service, Maximum availability and the biggest will to be no less than the absolute best – To these kinds of people alone I’d take my hat off and these are the only kinds of people I’d want around me!
uPress, I have no idea how and what you did but these kinds of performances I have never seen anywhere and I say it after 16 years of experience. People know WordPress as an amazing system but such that is hungry for a lot of resources! But it isn’t always true… I was skeptical at first… Took a small package for 10 websites… Today I have more than 250 websites that sit on uPress’ servers and the future is brighter than ever.
Well done Dave, you work and personality are a role model! Good Luck!

Dudu Buzaglo