How uPress Improved the Speed, Security and SEO of 18Digital’s Sites

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18Digital helps SMBs establish a significant online presence through website creation, upgrades and promotions, empowering them to reach expanded markets and draw new customers.


A significant number of the projects that move through 18Digital involve WordPress sites, whether it be redesigning existing sites or building new sites from scratch. 18Digital often has multiple developers working on the same site, necessitating a level of coordination that wasn’t always simple to achieve. In addition, over the years, 18Digital repeatedly struggled with lower-than-desired site speed and the security issues that WordPress is infamous for - no matter which managed WordPress hosting services they used.


18Digital started to see a trickle of site redesign clients with sites hosted on uPress. When new clients gave access to 18Digital developers, it was usually a whole process, requiring detailed instructions. But the uPress-hosted sites had such easy access tools that 18Digital was amazed. After multiple positive experiences, they decided that instead of asking clients to switch their site hosting from uPress to 18Digital, 18Digital was going to switch all their current sites to uPress' managed WordPress hosting!


18Digital was thrilled with the convenience and ease of the web development process under uPress, creating both happy staff and happy clients! Performance also jumped: some slow-loading websites sped up to four times their initial loading speed. Security issues that had been nagging them for years simply vanished. An unexpected bonus was an SEO boost - multiple clients saw big gains in their Google rankings, and uPress provided promotion tools that were invaluable aids in the ongoing SEO of clients’ sites.

Yoni Ohayon

Owner of 18Digital

“As a firm that caters to small businesses with relatively small budgets, cost was always an important factor for us when choosing suppliers. Since uPress managed WordPress hosting can be a little more expensive than some of the other hosting companies, we were a little nervous to take the leap. It was worth it. Every. Penny. A convenient development environment for our staff, great promotion results for our clients, and bye-bye to security headaches. We could not have made a more worthwhile business decision than the move to uPress.”

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