How uPress Increased Speed and Ease for an eCommerce Agency

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Original Concepts is an eCommerce agency giving businesses all they need to maximize online sales. Their unique offering provides a virtual store, an app for Android and iOS, and access to an array of smart tools designed to increase sales.


The founders of Original Concepts had been involved in eCommerce since before the word was coined. In their many years building online stores on a range of platforms, they had experienced most of the hosting providers in the global market. Almost all of them were “okay” for Original Concepts’ purposes, but no provider stuck out as unique.


In a stroke of fortune, Original Concepts and uPress managed WordPress hosting ended up as office-space neighbors in 2016. As members of the teams interacted, George, Original Concepts’ founder and owner, recognized the uPress staff as passionate, forward-thinking experts in their field. When George decided to work with uPress on several large Original Concepts projects, he was blown away by how exceptional he found the managed WordPress hosting service.


uPress’ revolutionary control panel granted Original Concepts’ team an unprecedented hosting experience. The ease of management enabled the team developers to perform complex site management tasks quickly and easily. Original Concepts has been so thrilled with uPress that they have even turned to uPress for hosting of non-WordPress sites!


Founder and Owner of Original Concepts

“uPress never sits on its laurels. No matter how good it gets, the uPress team are always pushing the envelope, always trying to break ground and set new technological and performance standards for managed WordPress hosting. That commitment to advancement is in our DNA here at Original Concepts, so… what can I tell you? It’s a match made in heaven.”

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