How uPress Transformed Reliability and Up-time

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Har-Zahav & Partners is a law firm specializing in representation of companies in commercial litigation cases, arbitration and other legal processes.


With established companies as clients, every aspect of Har-Zahav’s firm must express high levels of professionalism and reliability. While most aspects were successful representatives of Har-Zahav’s expertise, one element of the firm was not pulling its weight: the website.

At the recommendation of Har-Zahav’s technical support person, the website had been hosted with a major, recognized hosting company. But Har-Zahav consistently received a steady drip of complaints from clients. The site loaded slowly; the specific page needed didn’t load at all. When Har-Zahav added a site app that helped clients find parking near the office, clients complained that the app would refuse to load exactly when they needed it!


The law firm searched for a way to make their site as reliable as their firm… and they were introduced to uPress and its managed WordPress hosting solution. They were impressed with uPress’ dedication, focus and expertise from the get-go. The icing on the cake was uPress’ commitment to community projects and the work they quietly did on developing applications that improve accessibility for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


It was a match made in heaven. Har-Zahav was bowled over with the levels of service and interest demonstrated by uPress support. Website load speed and up-time have increased dramatically. And client complaints about the website? They’re a thing of the past.

Ari Har-Zahav, Esq.

Founder of Har-Zahav

“Working with uPress has made it clear that one of the key factors in site functionality is the level of the website hosting provider. Bigger is not always better; it’s expertise and dedication that makes the difference. As a boutique law firm, we guess we shouldn’t be surprised.”

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