Customers who have agreed to share their experience.

Although our business is in the process of switching to Upress, half of our customers’ websites are already hosted uPress servers, and I can honestly say – we found a new home. It is a mission for me to give our customers the best, in every possible way and to the smallest detail. My clients were used to never compromise, getting excellent results and outstanding work; and I demand nothing less from my hosting service. So far, I have worked with an expert programmer in everything related to hosting, who has built a unique, world-class leading system. Although I was skeptical when I switched to uPress, I was amazed to find that their systems are even. So indeed, fellows – I am now self assured that I found a home, as well as new friends. Appreciation for the wonderful team that responds quickly, goes the extra mile, addresses each request, and helps above and beyond.

Dan Luria