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The Complete WordPress Security Guide

There is a myth that is spreading across the web that says WordPress is not a secure and is full of security holes. In this article we discuss what can be done to strengthen the security of WordPress websites by a few simple actions that will keep your website secure and assure your peace of mind.

How to force WordPress to check for updates

Forcing your website to check for updates using a plugin is recommended for saving time along with having the updates shown in the Control Panel. In this article we will explain how to force WordPress to check for updates.

How to Change Date and Time Formats in WordPress

Did you ever want to change the date format in WordPress? Maybe you wanted to shorten the format, hide the year or view the time? One of our users has recently asked whether there is a way to change the format / date and time format. In this article, we'll show you how to change the date and time format in WordPress.