Customers who have agreed to share their experience.

Real professionals.
Migrated my websites for me and the speed went up by scales.

Great mail support, efficient and thorough. The admin panel makes a semi-pro into a magician and its a pleasure to work with.

Meni Lavie

I always display my uPress hosted websites for all my interested customers.
The uPress Control Panel is wonderfully ‘wild ’ with endless options. And the fast loading speed of pages onto the website – it’s crazy! I highly recommend uPress.

Asaf Baron

I’ve worked with many servers around the world and thought I knew what high standard mean – until I moved my blog over to you!

Zoe Lasri

Great mail support, efficient and thorough. The admin panel makes a semi-pro into a magician and its a pleasure to work with.

Meni Lavie

uPress is one of the best storage companies we’ve ever worked with (we have a large number of sites on their servers). uPress technology is excellent. Their servers are powerful, fast and stable. Plus they have a great professional support staff. Are you hesitating? Don’t! uPress is your perfect choice.

Gal Dubinski

Amazing service and fast servers, very professional. Recommended.

Niro Avramovich

It wasn’t long since I started using uPress’ hosting services. The service is fast and professional and the websites themselves are running much faster. I’d have to add that the management panel is intuitive and clear.

Nahariel Neri Leader

There are those years in which you have to Introspect about your gains and if had any major change in life, in business…
This year I met Dave, and uPress. Very humane service, Maximum availability and the biggest will to be no less than the absolute best – To these kinds of people alone I’d take my hat off and these are the only kinds of people I’d want around me!
uPress, I have no idea how and what you did but these kinds of performances I have never seen anywhere and I say it after 16 years of experience. People know WordPress as an amazing system but such that is hungry for a lot of resources! But it isn’t always true… I was skeptical at first… Took a small package for 10 websites… Today I have more than 250 websites that sit on uPress’ servers and the future is brighter than ever.
Well done Dave, you work and personality are a role model! Good Luck!

Dudu Buzaglo

I arrived at uPress through the recommendation of a good friend. I am deeply grateful. The uPress interface is extremely comfortable. Everything is stable and works properly. Dave and his staff are constantly available to help with any question or problem. Amazing service and worth every penny.

Shmulik Hazan

Proof positive that Israel can provide top notch service! I’ve used a number of good and large storage companies. However from the moment I chose to store my website at uPress, I have been constantly satisfied. Performance is excellent, interface is intuitive and easy to use. The support is simply on another level of professionalism. A warm word of thanks to Dave who didn’t have to help me with a site that isn’t on uPress, but he did – step by step – just because I asked. I heartily recommend uPress to anyone (especially WordPress users) looking for a management and storage service.

Tal Mager

I host more than 22 sites a week in the Joppers system – where every day I accidently find some new feature that’s difficult to follow since there is no cpanel. Yet, I have good things to say about them. I buy Android because I like to be in control and set up everything on my own.

But when it comes to storage of my sites, I realized after trial and error and faulty VPS servers, that I needed a service that is secure, fast and especially stable. uPress is the iPhone of hosting services – and no more expensive. I want to thank Dave, Nati and their staff. And I look forward to writing more great reviews in the years to come.

Tal Stern

I get amazing service. Dave is lovely and helped me move my site step by step and was on ‘chat’ with me until the end of the process. Highly recommend uPress!

Eti Dahan

Without a doubt the best storage company for WordPress sites with the most professional, reliable, caring and pleasant service.

Dalia Horn

Courteous, fair, fast and super-professional service. I worked with Dave who helped me with a smile.

Liran Edri

uPress is the best website storage company I’ve ever worked with.
What makes them so good? Innovation – the week doesn’t end before I notice an upgrade in the system which makes me and my clients life way easier. Concern – uPress wont stagnate, they acquire premium plugins for their users and provide the options needed for healthy work on the websites. Service oriented – Having a problem means you know where to look for help. The support team is available at any time and will provide high quality solutions, ideas for better work, and a problem which will require their attention will send their developers working to create tools to solve that problem.
uPress – Thank you for being my partners on the road. I chose right! Recommended!!

David Halbany

uPress is the Rolls Royce of website storage. The only company I trust for my businesses and my clients. You won’t find faster and better storage and service than that which you get at uPress.

Dima Kagnovitch

After searching for a reliable, trusty hosting company, I stumbled upon – uPress. They transferred my website from the previous hosting company professionally, quickly and with excellent service. The website tripled its speed immediately after being transferred. In addition, their management panel is just excellent. For those who are still looking for a dedicated hosting company for WordPress, I strongly recommend uPress.

Udi Erlich

Before changing to uPress, my website was slow and crashed quite often. Since the change, speed has increased by at least 3 times, security has improved and the server has been upgraded to PHP7, which further increases loading speed. The service and availability are excellent as well. Highly recommend!

Daniel Zrihan

I’m so grateful for your wonderful support, outstanding service and unmatched immediate response. I work on ongoing development and maintenance of dozens of websites with many hosting companies based in Israel. You have given me the full wonderful envelope. There is no task that did not succeed, inconvenient time or unsolved problem. So many thanks for the help and professional work. I strongly recommend for anyone looking for a hosting solution, and for those who don’t.

Itiel Avraham

Great guys, real professionals, transferred my clients’ websites and wonderfully improved their speed and performance. Fast email support, with much earnestness and efficiency. Their management panel is simply a pleasure to work with.

Meni Lavi

First of all, thank you on a personal level for the dedicated, personal attitude. I have been an SEO person for many years now; I have learned that one of the most important things to me is hosting and the websites I own, from my clients’ to my personal websites. I have not yet come across the level of professionalism and care that uPress has to offer, which is almost super-natural (and I don’t easily give compliments). You are a phenomenon. I wish every professional service provider would offer have the professionalism and care offered by you to the customer. Thank you. It has been a pleasure to use your servers for websites I’m working with. Shmulik Dorinbaum, SEO.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Upress is the ideal company. Since I’ve started working with them, my customers’ websites are 3 times faster and more secure. Upress provides special tools for WordPress websites, enhanced security, backups on external servers, hosting on SSD drives, rich management panel and most importantly: servers. Needless to say, the service is excellent: personal, professional and quick.

Moti Bar-Tal

The best hosting company in every possible way. First, servers are set to maximum performance, which is definitely not disappointing! 2. The most advanced management panel I have seen. No more cPanel, DirectAdmin and the like. 3. WAF Firewall, a security file scanning tool. I sense that the security is well covered. 4. Most importantly – customer service at a level rarely seen in Israel. The people behind the scenes have great skills with WordPress, hosting server management and a healthy communication with customers.

Yaniv Wiener

Forget everything you know – first and foremost is the attitude!! Amazing, fast support, with a personal attention each time! Secondly – the advanced hosting technology. And the icing on the cake – the unparalleled loading speed! Thank you!!! Highly recommended!

Lior Gefen

Courteous, quick customer service, full availability and convenient, friendly interface. I have experience working with plenty of hosting companies. uPress are my favorite.

LiaD Scher

Although it’s the first hosting company I had a chance to work with, I have no reason to want to switch to anybody else. The system is easy to operate and lightly accessible, the excellent service is courteous and patient. They also assisted me with some issues unrelated to hosting, which I found challenging – and they were super-happy to do so. Highly recommended for anyone who is still undecided – uPress. Beyond anything you think you know know. Keep it up uPress!

Lee Levi

I want to thank the professionals of uPress. With my previous hosting service (ipage) I had to deal with many small and big problems; I could hardly even access the panel due to server issues that lasted several days. Within the first few hours after switching to uPress, not only did the problems disappear, but the loading speed soared immensely. Their management panel of a different level! And the service I have received so far… Highly recommended!

Daniel Sasportas

Although our business is in the process of switching to Upress, half of our customers’ websites are already hosted uPress servers, and I can honestly say – we found a new home. It is a mission for me to give our customers the best, in every possible way and to the smallest detail. My clients were used to never compromise, getting excellent results and outstanding work; and I demand nothing less from my hosting service. So far, I have worked with an expert programmer in everything related to hosting, who has built a unique, world-class leading system. Although I was skeptical when I switched to uPress, I was amazed to find that their systems are even. So indeed, fellows – I am now self assured that I found a home, as well as new friends. Appreciation for the wonderful team that responds quickly, goes the extra mile, addresses each request, and helps above and beyond.

Dan Luria

Too bad that 5-star is the max score. Until recently I used the service of a competing, not-as-good hosting company, I felt my website was slow and full of issues… I approached Dave personally and consulted with him about what should be done. He suggested that switch to uPress and gave me the confidence that there was someone to talk to, that there I had a back whenever I needed it. I didn’t think twice and made a sharp transition. I should have done it a long time ago. Excellent service, technical support available at all times. Dave specifically is professional, service oriented and charming person. Glad to be your customer. Thanks 🙂

Avihay Harel

I had gone through a number of hosting companies before discovering uPress… I have not encountered such a high standard hosting company before! Strongly recommend.

Dan Sonego

Excellent service, super fast servers and an amazing system that makes life easy for any web designer!

Asher Ben-david

UPRESS! Where shall I begin? With the good, the better or the best? After 15 (tough) years of being involved in the world of web design and web system, I can declare you as the best hosting company around, both in service, in product and also in… Dave – the king of the Shire … Well done! Keep it up! And to you, readers, I recommend without thinking twice: UPRESS UPRESS UPRESS. Thanks again and lots of success. Doron Shaked, advertising agent

Doron Shaked

Excellent service (thank you Carmit), professional staff and super-fast hosting!

Nate Vzup

Great, my website is speeding.

Zohar Yehudit Shemesh

We usually write reviews to complain, but this time I actually wish to praise with warmth. For a long time, I have not experienced such high-quality, service-oriented and pleasant service providers – people whose goal is the satisfaction of the customer. Beyond the excellent service, the servers are at the technological cutting edge, fast, stable and secure with an amazingly convenient user interface and built-in tools that shorten and facilitate website development and management. Warmly recommended to anyone who is still considering!

Shlomi Koren

Unusual service, professionalism and practicality. Each problem is solved without being delivered from one representative to another. A convenient management interface that was designed for agencies that manage hundreds of websites. Well done!

Ido Sela

I’ve been designing websites for a several years now. Over the years ,I’ve been using many hosting servers and have never come across such a high-standard service, both in terms of excellent servers and advanced interface. Absolutely worth the price, thanks!

Alon Abargel

Thank you so much for the amazing service. I went through a lot of hosting providers until I found you. I have not yet come across speed and service of such a standard. My websites are speeding and users are satisfied. The control panel is operated with ease, with amazing WordPress functions. Worth every penny.

Avichai Huri

uPress is the best WordPress hosting company I’ve ever worked with. A fast and dedicated server for WordPress websites, and a really simple work environment. In addition, the customer service is very professional with virtually immediate response time, even during unusual hours of the day. Strongly recommended! @ lior.attractions.eilat

Lior Lev

Worth every penny. Before finding uPress, I would have paid a little for HostGator, whose customer service is time-consuming and exhausting. Dave provides a solution to every problem related to the server, and beyond. For business, supplier services are everything and therefore it is important to select the right ones. I have been working with uPress for quite a while now, and never been as satisfied.

Gilad Simhi

Simply, I’ve been very, very pleased 🙂 Nothing else to add. Professional and courteous, as much as needed.

Maya Tito-Shoua

The best value I’ve ever received for my $. I have never seen such an excellent support, such a good management panel and such a number of features offered by a hosting company.

Shalev Levi

I give service myself, so when I get a really good service, I know how to appreciate it. It feels like to be the only customer of a huge company that aims to help realize your professional goals in full and at the best level, approach and quality that you can get… There is a sense of good service here, which is the ideal consumer service in a nutshell… Just keep it up while you’re growing!

Simik Duchovny

A great service and amazingly stable hosting! I’m highly satisfied with the service and strongly recommend it!

Guy Afriat

High standard of service. Professionals who are there for you whenever needed.

Yana Raduzky

Highly recommend uPress! Speedy servers, simple and convenient interface and most importantly – fast and excellent service!

Nir Azoulay

I am shocked by the level of service provided by these guys. I set up a pretty complicated website, and every time we have had an issue, they have responded within minutes (including night, weekends, holidays …) In case I couldn’t sort out it myself (usually it’s easy) they would just go into my code and arrange it. What’s more that my website is really, really fast. There are large, rich pages and everything is loading rapidly – within a second and a half. Thanks! Champions!

Sally Tadmor

The service is amazing. My websites are in a protected environment, which is also full of features and technologically-advanced. Thank you so much for everything, especially for the improved performance.

Baruch Sarussi

uPress are unsurpassed. Not the cheap but definitely worth it!

Asael Dreyer

Unmatched level of service. Availability and reliability beyond expectations.

Naor Gal-yam

True revolution, excellent product and world-class service. Strongly recommend!

Asi Cohen

We are now enjoying a cutting edge technology that speeds up our website, as well as an excellent support. Warmly recommended

Tomer Aharon

Best hosting service around – unparalleled to competitors. The websites are fast and the customer service is one of the best I have experienced.

Nathan Lichter

Thank you very much. I thank God for working with a company with such a standard of service. I thank Simcha Margaliot from Max Digital for introducing you to me. Many thanks to you and the wonderful staff.

Baruch Feder

Badasses! No words can describe the level of their service! I got the first month for free, as well as a year-long service. Amazing. A rare standard of service!

Edik Zusin

I’m with the other recommenders. Thank you very much @uPress. I’m always happy to recommend.

Staff Giw

Professional, fast, high-quality service! Quick response.

Daniel Mashraki

The highest-level hosting out there, no doubt. Super fast support throughout the week, a team of WordPress pros. A very comfortable working environment, convenient interface, wondrous system – worth every penny! Personal thanks to Dave.

Ran Zituni

Wish I could use more space here to describe my level of satisfaction with the service and professionalism of UPRESS and their support department – champions. A world-class level, spectacular user experience; in short – do not think twice, just create an account 🙂

Aviel Sela

An astounding system that is fast and easily managed

Arik Ziv

Amazing dudes, so helpful. They know how to think outside the box. The management panel is simple and easy to operate, there are manuals and there is support for any problem that might occur, including on the phone.

Merav Jonatan

Several months ago, I wrote a not-so-flattering review following my first conversation with a company representative. The people at uPress took the criticism seriously and quickly, and persuaded me to use their service and make it easy for me to quit would I not be satisfied. I have been their customer for several months and all I can say is that their service is excellent and user friendly, while every issue is addressed quickly and efficiently. Thus, I turned from an unhappy to a very satisfied customer! Well done.

Ran Binya

They give service of a different level. They allow the security and peace of mind that the website is in good hands. I found uPress when I was at a desperate and very skeptical state of mind, after being assisted by the previous hosting company, various professionals and different tools, but failed to locate and eliminate security breaches at a number of websites. From the first conversation, Dave had made sure to say, “We’ll transfer the websites, check, clean and take care of everything – you can stop worrying.” Indeed, 24 hours later, my three websites were already clean and polished – spick and span. So hats off to you, uPress, for doing such a professional and reliable work – worth every penny!

Shahar Shitrit

Friendly and convenient interface, a stable and fast work environment, and above all: amazing service. Immediate availability, lots of patience and very effective support. Strongly recommended!

Tali Yeverbaum Ballas

Excellent service and fast servers. Most professional around. Highly recommend.

Niro Avramovich

Incredible system! High-standard support, fast response including on weekends and late hours of the day. True WordPress professionals, who also help with stuff which is not even related to their servers! Warmly recommended!

Vadim Pixel Lee

I recently switched to uPress hosting. The service is fast and professional and the websites have been upgraded quickly. Additionally, the management system behind the scenes is intuitive and clear.

Nahariel Neri Leader

Apart from the quick and high-quality response, this is one of the best server management systems I have seen, allowing dozens of cumbersome operations at the touch of a single button! Well done!

Shilo Eish Yemini

Sometimes one needs to introspect and appreciate one’s development process and significant changes one has gone through.
This year I became familiar with Dave and UPRESS. First and foremost is the human service, then come high availability and a strong desire to be no less than the best – I appreciate such people tremendously! And with regard to UPRESS – I have no idea what you have done and how you have done it, but after 16 years of experience, I have not seen a matched performance on any server. WordPress is known for its great system but also as one that uses multiple resources! I have realized that this is not necessarily so … I was skeptical at first… I bought a small package for 10 websites … Today there are already over 250 websites hosted on uPress servers and the future looks brighter than ever. Dave, your work and personality are a great example. Good job!

Dudu Buzaglo

uPress: WordPress experts whose service is above and beyond. That probably sums it up. After a few years of using the service of various hosting packages (Israeli and foreign), I switched to uPress. It took some time before it trickled down, but eventually I realized how much time and money I could have saved, including hours of ongoing work and updating, the website is constantly running … a pleasure. Well done guys!

Eitan Yariv

I received a strong recommendation on uPress, and decided to try. I do not regret this decision for even a moment. This is probably the smartest decision I have ever taken. I give them “A” for service, “A” for easy work, “A” for smoothly running websites and “A” for the customers’. The best ones around.

Timna Shilovitski

After working with dozens of hosting companies … I finally found the perfect company for me and my clients. What else can you ask for?? An excellent service!!! An incredible management system (it is evident that deep work has been performed in terms of user experience), fast and reliable technical support, excellent website security, fast servers!!! All which made me fall in love. Thank you.

Dudi Halbany