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Is there a commitment for a certain time period for the hosting package?

No. We believe that the customer should have complete independence in choosing his storage provider at any time,
our goal is to provide excellent customer service,
our victory is a customer satisfied with excellent service and interested in staying our customer and recommend to his friends.

Why is uPress’s service more expensive than the service of other storage companies?

Simply because we give more!
All our servers have an SSD Enterprise array and some are also NVME for databases.

Our storage management panel is unique and original, built with it with full compatibility with WordPress in an unprecedented way.

Our system is based on high quality technology that guarantees superior performance and strong security.

We employ a team of experienced WordPress experts who can assist you in any matter.

How is uPress different from other storage companies?

There are four clear lines of separation between uPress and other storage companies – expertise, service, security, and all the tools we provide – that you can use directly from the dedicated management panel for WordPress sites.

First, we specialize only in WordPress and its unique hosting needs. This makes uPress the leader in premium storage for serious WordPress sites.

Second, our service and security are paramount. This is what separates us from all other storage companies.

Then, our support department is manned by people who are experts in one single thing – WordPress. And you can be calm at night knowing that you have someone to trust.

Finally, we have unique tools to help you manage your site, improve load speed, and as a result, improve search engine ranking. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

Can I add through the Cronjobs management interface (scheduled operations)?

Of course, you can easily set up Cron jobs through the Upress management interface.

My Website Has Been Hacked, Where To Start?

You’ve reached safety! It is time to let WordPress professionals take care of your site. Once your site has been transferred to our servers, your site will be crawled and cleaned from existing security vulnerabilities. Our automated system will even give you a report of security vulnerabilities and recommendations / treatment tools.

Will the sites at uPress actually load much faster?

A website load parameter consists of a number of layers, from the communication level to the WordPress core level,
uPress is able to provide a perfect solution for all levels in order to achieve maximum optimization and efficiency over time.
We do this with a variety of optimization tools that are constantly and tightly controlled on the sites and servers of uPress.

That’s why our customers typically see a 2x-6x improvement in page loading speed when they come from general storage providers on the market.

How do I migrate my site from the old storage server to my new uPress package?

Switching to uPress has never been easier,
with our site migration service performed by our professional migration managers,
we will transfer the files and database from your old storage server to your new uPress storage package.
Once the package is created, submit a request to move a site from the current server through our management panel and our experienced migration managers will take care of the rest.

How can I get help from your support team?

Before contacting the support team, we recommend that you review our Help Center detailed tutorials covering the main topics. If necessary, you can contact the support team via the management interface or by phone, and receive a professional response.

I have a site whose main users are from abroad. Will the storage fit?

When you open a storage package you can choose the location of the server on which the site will be stored (we have servers in Israel and abroad), you are welcome to choose to store your site in one of our servers abroad and thus be more accessible to your target audience.

In the event that you choose to store your site on a server in Israel, you can use our CDN service, which significantly improves the surfing experience on the site for surfers from abroad.

Do you provide backups?

Yes, we do a daily backup of all our sites, each site has a 30-day backup history,
You can restore all files, restore by choice or restore database.
In addition, you can back up your site manually in real time before making critical changes.

What security tools do you provide to keep my site secure?

We developed a number of advanced security tools to protect our customers:

Web Firewall – helps block attacks and security breaches on your site.

WordPress Clinic – Provides information and helps fix common security vulnerabilities and exploits.

Our additional security tools manage blocked IPs, display reports about suspicious file changes and suspicious site access, block access to WordPress Admin after several failed login attempts, restrict access to WordPress Admin from specific countries only, and more …

Are there any WordPress plugins that will not work on your storage?

There are currently over 400,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugins Directory. There are very few plugins we do not allow on our managed storage server.
Chances are if you want to use a particular supplement, feel free to use it!
For your convenience, below is a list of unapproved extensions. Please follow this link.

Can I get another ip class?

Provided by the Seo Edge service available for all uPress customers (in managed server packages or with a VPS server)
We believe that this service can be of great benefit to both site owners and SEO companies alike.
We invite you to experience the service and get more details under the SEO storage packages.

How much RAM do I get on shared servers?

In shared servers, the use of resources is a variable between the various sites stored on the same server (unlike the VPS servers – where the resources are exclusive).

Our shared servers are made up of the latest hardware and advanced technologies that bring them to the highest level of performance and security. We constantly monitor the activity on these servers and manage them so that each site receives the necessary resources for a stable and stable operation of the website.

I would like my tax invoices to go directly to my account manager

You can independently set up additional email addresses to send copies of your invoices directly through the system.
Just access the admin panel. On the personal menu at the top, select My Transaction Invoices, and simply add an additional email address to send invoices to your account manager.

What are the payment options?

Annual or monthly payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Isracard, American Express) or PayPal.

Another option for annual payment is by bank transfer (for an annual fee only)