Our Features

120+ Features within a revolutionary management panel.

All of our managed VPS cloud hosting and shared hosting packages come with hundreds of original and exclusive tools to help you operate your website in a simple, fast, efficient and professional way, saving you time and money. For example:

Security Hacks Scans

We perform daily security scans of all of our websites and look for security breaches in your WordPress website code.
And if we find one? We immediately report this to the website owner and automatically take care of the security issue from the root once and for all to ensure full protection of your website.

WordPress Plugins Management

Add / remove plugins securely and quickly directly from your storage management panel.
Through our management panel, you can instantly install recommended plugins, save and install add-on kits, and of course manage all the WordPress plugins installed on your website in a smart and clear way.

WordPress User Management

Add / Remove / Edit WordPress users on your website directly from your hosting management panel. We have made the management of WordPress users a unique and comfortable experience. Through our management panel you can manage all registered users on the website and perform unique actions to our interface such as resetting passwords to all the managers on the website with just the click of a button.

SSD Enterprise

What makes uPress a step ahead of all the others? All of our servers use 500x SSD Enterprise drives from a standard drive. And with everything in our server hardware, we keep all components up-to-date and choose high-end storage drives that deliver peak performance even in heavy traffic.

PHP7 Support

By default, we provide our storage packages with a server array based on a fast and efficient PHP engine that helps to achieve high performance and improve the website experience from any other PHP engine.
In addition, we are always up to date with all the various versions that are launched, providing you with the most stable and updated product.

Hosting Report

We provide a daily / weekly storage report detailing the status of backups, security, and visitor statistics on your website.
We have developed a special management tool in our advanced management panel that allows you to receive a detailed storage report for your email address. We know how important it is for you to know about every action that takes place on your website.

Manage Websites Groups

Managing a large number of websites can be complex and challenging. But with the uPress management panel everything is easy, convenient and efficient.
Simply set up a group and drag the associated websites to it. Order in your display interface will help you easily manage huge amounts of websites.

Isolated WordPress

Every website hosted on our servers is in a completely isolated environment from all other websites. There is no possibility of a site being at risk or endangering another website or file.

Automatic Updates

No need to update your WordPress every time a new version is released – we do it for you – automatically.

Web Firewall

We do everything to prevent the hacking of your site. uPress Web Firewall system detects tens of thousands of attacks and breaches, including the latest and most sophisticated and immediately blocks them to protect your site’s security.

Loading Speed

We have developed a technology called uPress SuperCache, which enables us to save the cache for you, including page cache and database cache. Forget about engaging with plugins and other apps – it’s a thing of the past.

Log in to WordPress with one click

Forget about repetitive links and 14-character passwords for the WordPress admin panel. From today, WordPress is connected with just a click. Simply log in to your uPress panel and sign in to the management system.

Development Environments

Development time can be extremely expensive. To save you time and money, we designed uPress development environment tools that allow you to make all the changes and upgrades on your website within a safe and secure development environment. When everything is OK and ready to launch – simply go to the production and click the button. Our development environment creates a separate account where you can do whatever you like without damaging the original website.

Site Migration Tool

Migrating to uPress? Your life instantly becomes easier. We developed a dedicated site transfer tool that helps you migrate your sites from the old server efficiently, effectively and in a variety of advanced forms. Supports: DirectAdmin, cPanel, Git, Bitbucket, Duplicator.

CDN Service

Our Content Distribution Network service speeds up loading time onto your site, improves user experience and significantly reduces the load from the server where your website is stored. This service is easily activated through our management panel – it’s simple, straightforward and smart.

WordPress Premium Plugins Library

Are Plugins your hobby? Do you need a large selection of premium Plugins for WordPress? Our Plugin library provides you with a huge variety and range of premium WordPress Plugins. On guess what? We’ve already purchased the licenses for you. All you have to do is create amazing websites.

SEO Edge

This tool allows you to choose different IP addresses for each of your sites which improves the quality of links on your site. An extraordinarily advanced and useful tool for those who promote websites, our customers can now choose from a huge pool of different IP addresses defined in the system. And again, it’s just a click of a button. Quick and easy.

Google Friendly

Thanks to our loading speed, excellent infrastructure and daily improvement activities, search engines love us. Our customers enjoy the feeling of consistency when they choose to store their WordPress sites with uPress.

Choose a server location

The power to choose the server location for your site is in your hands. Our advanced management panel gives you the freedom to choose from our server centers in Europe, United States and Israel – allowing you to be more accessible to your target audience.

Free SSL Certifications

With one click, encrypt traffic between users and your site with the most important security protocol – and its for free.
Through our management panel you can install free SSL certificate to the WordPress website

One Click WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress has never been simpler. In our advanced management panel, you can set up a WordPress website at the touch of a button. In addition, you can set up a temporary address for instant work (even before you connect to the real domain) with which you can start working on your website.

Website Duplication Tool

No more complications or need of installations and rework. With this tool you can complete an entire website, including database and files, quickly and efficiently. And with a click of a button copy it to another package in your account. uPress makes your life much easier as creative developers and professionals.

Website designs library

A library with a wide range of ready-made designs (pre-prepared websites). Simply select and set out.
We make WordPress an easier and faster experience for you. With just a few clicks we assist you in creating an impressive, professional WordPress website.

Automatic backups 30 days

We place our customers first and the importance of keeping a backup of their information. So we provide history backups of 30 days, you can restore all files or only some of them and / or the database. In addition, manual backup if necessary.

uPress Monitor

Automated scheduled website health checks allow you to be on the pulse of your website’s availability and integrity. We are so confident in our product that we have integrated the monitoring tool directly into our management panel.
The tool allows you to easily set up a monitor scans your website 24/7 and alerts you in the event of a crash or malfunction. At the same time, we run an advanced monitoring system on all of our servers in Europe, Israel and the US. uPress does everything possible to ensure proper operation of the system without any problems.

Heavy loads

At the forefront of technology, uPress is experienced in the management and maintenance of powerful, fast and reliable servers, enabling our websites to withstand heavy loads. Our capabilities will ensure you peak performance even during heavy load times so that your experience with your WordPress website will never be affected.

HTTP2 protocol support

Using the HTT2 protocol improves the speed of your website without any change to existing code from your side (the server-side setting). The new protocol replaces the previous protocol and provides a different level of browsing experience.

Managed VPS cloud computing

Our managed VPS server saves your business time, money and energy with server setup, management, and maintenance – with unprecedented performance plus complete control over all sites directly from the management panel. When you know that your server is managed by uPress servers and postmaster experts, you can safely rest assured and concentrate on what matters.

Affiliate program

Do you influence public opinion? Want to lead your customers and friends to a quality home where their sites will be securely and innovatively managed? Want to help them make their storage experience better and make their websites much faster? Not only can you help them – we invite you to even make money from it! We reward our partners with all our heart.

Manage Access Permissions

Sending complicated passwords and user names is now a thing of the past. With our unique WordPress management panel you can easily share access to any website in your account by simply adding the website to the uPress panel of the user you chose to share.

What if the shared user doesn’t have a uPress account? No problem. Our system creates an account then sends all details by email to your new user.

Plus – you can choose the permission level you want to share with each user: webmaster access, website developer access, full admin access.

Professional support from WordPress experts

We employ top notch WordPress experts. If and when you need help please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

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