uPress News And Announcements

Systematic Review time update

The Systematic Review for websites is now presenting the updated recent scan time See the “Last updated at” section below the Warnings

File Manager new Feature – Identify active theme folder

For our File Manager users, a new feature adds a blue crown icon the the active theme folder in the themes folder

Connecting to your PhpMyAdmin without entering user/password is now optional

Under the Development tab, Go to Databases and click the PhpMyAdmin panel,
No username or password is needed!

FTPS support

For our users utilizing FTP, you can now enjoy our encrypted secure protocol:
FTPS – (also known as FTPESFTP-SSL, and FTP Secure) allowing secured and encrypted traffic between your machine and our servers

Cache Usage Level

New feature under Performance tab, you can select the cache level for a specific website – from the five modes defined in the system.

uPress Waf

A good security system is one that allows its users to understand it, interact and cooperate with it.

We have developed a new security panel that contains very powerful security tools, you are welcome to use it under the security tab

World’s most advanced File Manager

From this day on a brand new file manager is waiting for you under the ‘Development’ tab, this file manager includes many advanced tools like advanced search, git interfacing, history of file modification and more.

Website transfer between uPress members

Now you can transfer your website to another uPress member independently and with a simple form under the ‘Configuration’ tab.

uPress available on your phone

From now on you can take the advanced options from our management panel and into your pocket!
The App is now available on Google Play + Apple’s App Store.

Changing the path of an existing FTP account

Quit the hassle of deleting an existing account and and recreating it (with a new password), now you can just update the FTP account’s path.

Downloadable VAT Invoice

Downloading a VAT Invoice to your personal computer independently is now available:
User Option > My Invoices

Updating user info with the panel

You can update user info independently directly through the management panel

Timed Tasks Interface

Our timed-tasks interface has been remodeled, you are all invited you manage you timed tasks in an efficient and comfortable way.

WordPress Clinic Security Service

A new security option has been added for our security scans interface which will identify suspicious WordPress users in the website. Scan away your troubles!

Automatic Multi-site identification

Now the system will identify automatically if the website is Multi-site based, and a manual configuration by the user will not be needed.