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We’re delighted to announce our web hosting reseller program, a competitive program that allows you to provide your clients with WordPress managed hosting services that are secure and reliable. 

Who can become a uPress reseller?

uPress Resellers are usually web development, web design, or web management companies that professionally build, host, and/or manage multiple websites on behalf of their clients. Our typical resellers are:

  • Website builders using WordPress 
  • Web management agencies using WordPress managed hosting
  • SEO experts looking to improve performance for managed sites
  • Web marketers and digital marketing agencies
  • Web management experts who oversee sites on numerous servers and platforms

What does a uPress Reseller do?

To put it simply, the reseller provides website hosting services for the end user, who is the website owner. 

You could think of uPress as a contractor who is sub-contracting WordPress managed hosting packages through the reseller. The website owner is the end user of the managed hosting package. uPress resellers act as middlemen between the contractor (uPress) and the end user (the site owner). 

How does the uPress reseller program work?

As the reseller, you’ll acquire hosting packages from uPress, your hosting provider. We offer a variety of hosting packages for WordPress managed hosting services, single-site hosting, or multi-site hosting. Once you’ve bought a uPress hosting package, you can redefine, distribute, and share the hosting plans with your customers however you like. 

You can resell any of our hosting packages, they’re all suitable for reselling. It’s important to know that as the reseller, you’ll also be the hosting package owner. The owner is the only one who can interact with the uPress WordPress customer support. 

When you provide a uPress hosting package to your clients, you can choose whether to allow your clients to manage their own web hosting, or to deliver WordPress managed hosting services. Either way, you’ll remain the hosting package owner. 

Why Choose uPress for WordPress managed hosting services?

The biggest reason of all for using uPress for your WordPress managed hosting is that we offer out-of-this-world WordPress customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can see for yourself when you read the reviews on our Support Page and Facebook page

Just as importantly, we provide everything you need in WordPress managed hosting, including:

  • Daily backups
  • Staging environments
  • User friendly management

and more. 

At uPress, we also provide free Premium WordPress plugins, alongside other features that help you bring greater value to your clients.  

The uPress reseller hosting program is simply the best! Try uPress today with our 30 day free trial.
Interested in learning more? Check out our hosting package options.

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