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Stunning speed, Powerful security, Unique User Friendly Management Panel.
At uPress, WordPress is not only your platform but also our passion.

VPS Plans

uPress provides advanced hosting services specifically tailored for WordPress websites.

First, we set up a brand-new “naked” server.
Second, we take care of the initial server setup and install the user-friendly uPress Control Panel so you can immediately benefit from our wide range of options and advantages uPress offers.

uPress knows how to perfectly manage your server. uPress innovation offers many features while managing your website quickly, efficiently with the highest security protection.
We invite you to select the Hosting Package that suits your needs.


  • SSD Storage
  • $90.00 / monthly

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  • SSD Storage
  • $110.00 / monthly

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  • SSD Storage
  • $160.00 / monthly

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  • SSD Storage
  • $260.00 / monthly

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Simple and Intuitive Control Panel

Unique Platform for Managing WordPress Websites

Do you have a WordPress site? Do you want to sleep well at night?

uPress Managed WordPress Hosting - Simply the Best.

● Nearly 100% protection from cyber-attacks and hackers, thanks to an advanced firewall, and our impenetrable Global Security System (uPGSS) made specifically for the WordPress platform.

● No need to wait for support. You can do everything instantly and easily with our innovative User Friendly easy to operate system.

● Amazing speed and performance at any given moment, Your site is stored on lightning-fast, highly advanced servers, for good! You server is especially adapted to deliver top performance on WordPress.

● Packages are ideally matched to your needs. We built these packages after tuning in to the needs of thousands of WordPress site owners.

● Unrivaled support for WordPress sites. Tons of straight-forward video tutorials, your questions and answers on most existing issues available at your fingertips. Backed up by a highly professional VIP WordPress Customer Support Staff.

Thousands of customers worldwide benefit from uPress innovation.

Be in great company, join our satisfiedgratefulexpanding customers who recommendtrustappreciate uPress.

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uPress is an advanced hosting system for WordPress websites.
Beyond hosting, uPress allows you to perform important operations for the intelligent operation of your site easily and without prior knowledge,
Actions that you previously could not perform alone. The system was built in strict accordance with the strict standards of the WordPress software.
It is innovative, simple and easy to operate and offers a variety of plans to meet the needs of everyone.
Here are some of the amazing features of the system:

WAF - Web Application Firewall

uPress does everything to prevent hacking on your site. Our Web Firewall system can detect tens of thousands types of attacks and security breaches, including the latest and most sophisticated, and immediately block them for your site's security.

Real time control and monitoring

Monitoring and control can be the difference between leading or beeing lead.
We offer a variety of control options, including modified files log, WordPress version and plugins control - all in one screen within our perfect tool, uPress Wordpress Center.
All of this including our daily (weekly or monthly) reports which includes statistical information, backup logs and security notifications.

WordPress sites have never been loaded so fast

With uPress SuperCache, our dedicated cache technology, uPress manages the caching for you, including page cache, database cache, and object cache, and frees you from messing around with additional plugins and applications.

Create a development environment with a push of a button

If you want to make substantial changes to the site, and upload them only after careful inspection and not "in full view", uPress allows you to duplicate the existing site, make changes to your personal development environment, and upload them to the "live" production site only when you feel ready.

SSD based server array

Hard drive read and write speed limit the performance of your WordPress site, uPress servers are based on ultra-fast SSDs, allowing up to 10-fold improvement in server performance.

Wordpress clinic - a tool to scan and repair security breaches

If your site has been hacked in the past, it probably still contain an existing security loophole, with WordPress Clinic tool we developed you can secure your site once and for all and address the root of the security problem on your WordPress site.