Sharing Hosting Packages

Omer, COO

October 28, 2020

How to Share your Web Hosting Packages

When you’ve bought uPress’ web hosting packages as part of our Reseller Hosting program, you can use them yourself, resell them, or share them with any other uPress account owners. We’ve designed our web hosting packages to be easy to use, with intuitive user permission settings for different user types. 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to sharing your web hosting packages, but if you need more support you can contact our 24/7 VIP Customer Service Support Center.

What to Do to Share your Web Hosting Package in uPress

If you’re setting up a new site, log into your uPress account, navigate to the uPress Admin Panel, then click “Add a new site”.

  • When you reach the homepage, >> “All Websites” and click “Create New Domain”
  • Enter the domain name in the correct field, and the address will be displayed at the end of the process.
  • Click “Create Package”

Next, you’ll need to navigate to the admin panel for the new WordPress Site you created (e.g. in order to share it with the Site Owner. 

You can do this by clicking the Settings tab >> Manage Sharing >> Add New.

You’ll see a prompt for “Email Address for Additional User.” This is where the invitation to enter the site will be sent, and this email will also serve as the username for the site owner to login. 

Choosing Permission Settings for Web Hosting

You’ll next be prompted to set sharing permissions by choosing between 3 levels of access:  

  • Site Manager which is read-only.
  • Developer which can manage developer settings such as hosting tools, files, etc.
  • Admin which grants full permission to all management settings, including delete, and domain changes (other than financials).
Sending the web hosting invitation

Now all that remains is for you to click “Create” to share the new web hosting with the address you choose. Follow the Package Sharing instructions to complete the transfer.

Note: Your customers can share with you any previous web hosting packages that they already acquired independently, and you can manage them under your private account.

What Sharing Web Hosting Looks Like From the Other Side

When the Package Owner sends an invitation to the end user, the end user receives an email that contains detailed instructions about how to use uPress web hosting services and guidance about manager’s access to the new website. 

If you’re the end user, this is what you can expect to see.

When you log in as the end user, you’ll find a personal icon on the homepage in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

Click “Shared Packages” to see a list of web hosting packages that have been shared with your account, but still require confirmation. You’ll just need to confirm that you received manager’s access to the shared web hosting packages by clicking “Accept.”

You can check which packages have been shared with you under “All Websites,” and manage sites according to access permissions granted by the Package Owner.

Overview of Responsibilities for Shared Web Hosting

In brief, the Reseller buys uPress web hosting packages from our website, and can then define, share, sell, and distribute them to customers as they wish. Customers who buy web hosting from the Reseller can choose whether they’d prefer the Package Owner to manage the web hosting, or to manage it themselves. Either way, only the Reseller interacts with uPress, and the Reseller has to take responsibility to arrange payments from their customers.

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