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Dave Abargel,

WordPress Website Migration from a Developer Server to a Client Server is a relatively simple task for those users who do it on a regular basis.
Other users may find the procedures a bit tiring, burdensome and experience issues with its lengthy list of required actions.
This is why uPress developed a seamless process with a specific Auto Migration Tool for all WordPress users.

The idea was to simplify the process of Site Migration and perform essential tasks while minimizing post migration problems with your WordPress website.

Step One:  Create Full Backup

The first step in WordPress website migration is to create a Backup.
This is always a good idea, even for those of you who are not using the uPress site Migration Tool

Wordpress Website Migration - create backup in cPanel

For initial stage, just go to the Admin Panel on your old site (usually cPanel or Direct Admin) and create a full backup to download.

Depending upon server resources, this process can take between 5 and 60 minutes (excluding very unusual cases).


Step Two:  Open the Site Migration Tool

After logging in, go to the uPress Admin Panel to create your new site.

Wordpress Website Migration tool from uPress

On the Homepage >> All Sites >> Create New Domain>> after entering the domain in the correct field (the address to be displayed at the end of the process), click Create Package.

Afterwards, go to the Admin Panel of the WordPress site you’ve created ( and open the Site Migration Tool.

Wordpress Website Migration tool from uPress

On the Admin Panel for the new WordPress site, go to the uPress Site Migration Tool tab and click “Start AutoMigrate Process.” After this, you will immediately be taken to the next screen.

Step Three:  Using the WordPress Website Migration Tool

Wordpress Website Migration - upload the backup file

With the Tool open and ready to go, get the Backup File of  your WordPress site ready in one of the following ways:

  • Upload the Backup created in the last step
  • Choose a file and upload it directly to the home folder using FTP
  • Clone a site from an existing Git (advanced)
  • Load a Backup file from an HTTP link (advanced)
  • Load a Backup file directly from an FTP server (advanced)

Choose any of these options according to whatever is most convenient or suits your needs.
After uploading the file, the system automatically identifies the full Backup file and enables the “Start Replication” button.

Step Four:  Summarization

After clicking the “Start Replication” button, the system will run and complete the following tasks:

  • Deploys the Backup file and places the files in the correct folders
  • Creates a new Database Table>Deployment of Database from Backup file>Choose appropriate Databases>Import the file to the correct table
  • Updates the WordPress (wp-config) settings in accordance with the new data
  • Replicates file permissions for new server default
  • Searches and replaces within the Database – the original domain address will be replaced using a temporary uPress domain
  • Cleanup of all temporary cache files from the old server
  • Database optimization

When the Site Replication Process is finished, the system will notify you that the process has been completed successfully and provide you with a temporary domain address.
At this point, you can close the migration tool and continue to the domain given.


That’s it!

This tool developed by uPress is to simplify the WordPress Website Migration Process and prevent post migration issues on your WordPress site. Use it!

Dave Abargel

VP and founder of uPress, developer of Backend & Frontend, specializes in improving performance for WordPress websites, handling advanced security issues, and marketing on social networks. He is an active partner in a number of interesting projects in the field, such as WiPi, Enable, Greenicon, Speedom, and more.

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