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SSL Certificates - at no extra cost

Understandably, buying online concerns many customers  – no one likes to share their Credit Card details on a website whose level of security has not been determined.
Credit Card fraud is very common. Our Customers and Clients are correctly troubled when considering an internet online purchase. However, due to the yearly increased demand for online purchases, security solutions are keeping up with that demand.

The uPress URL with an SSL certificate

Why use SSL and Encrypt Sensitive Information?

The main reason for using SSL is to encrypt sensitive information that “travels” through the Internet. It makes that information readable only to those who are designated to receive and read it.
This is immensely important because sensitive information “travels”  between endless computers and communication lines and anyone who can tap into that unencrypted “travel flow”  can easily read private and sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers, User Names, Addresses and Passwords.
When information is encrypted with an SSL Key, only the Server or Domain to which the information was sent can decrypt the information sent.

Website owners have realized the importance of security on their sites because of the sensitive information that will be fed into them.
In order to maintain proper electronic commerce without breach of information, standards were set up to secure the information.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol is the standard for the transmission of secure information over the Internet. (Predecessor SSL)

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How it works:
  • The TLS / SSL certificate works according to the Public Key / Private Key Principle.
  • A Public Key sits between the Server (website) and the Client, while the Private Key is stored only on the Server side.
  • When sending a request to the Server (website) – the browser encrypts the data using the Public Key. This encryption can only be opened by the Private Key.
  • The Server accepts the request, verifies the information is received correctly, opens the encryption by combining both the Public and Private Key (which is only in the server’s possession), and passes the information to the Application (eg WordPress).
Encryption Function:
  • Verifies that the Server to which the Client is connected is indeed the correct Server.
  • Creates a Secure Communication Channel by encrypting information passed between the User and the Website.
  • Makes sure the information sent from the User will arrive in its entirety to the Website without errors or disruptions. If the Server (website) finds that there is a mistake in the information transmitted it will require an Automatic Replay from the browser of the surfer.
  • The role of TLS / SSL is to encrypt the media rather than to save information as many tend to think.
The importance of encryption:
  • Prevents unauthorized persons / entities from reading information passed between the Client and the Server. (Man In The Middle Attack)
  • Possibility of making orders for purchase of goods and services by means of Credit Cards.
  • Safest option to deliver / transfer sensitive information such as Credit Card number, address, Driver’s License or ID number.
  • Google declares that the rating for sites with a TLS / SSL certificate is prioritized.

Again, Google declares that the rating for sites with a TLS / SSL Certificate is prioritized.

Google promotes sites with SSL certificates

How do I get a TLS / SSL Certificate?

First, as mentioned in our article title – uPress allows the installation of unlimited TLS / SSL Certificates to all its customers – at no cost.

If you aren’t a uPress Customer, we suggest you visit our Packages Page and  choose the right storage package for your needs.

If you are a uPress customer:

After entering the Management Panel you will notice a new category has been added under the Security Tab – TLS / SSL Certificate.  After entering the “Security” tab> click  “Send Certificate Request” button.

The uPress team will quickly and professionally install the TLS / SSL Certificate to your WordPress site. You will be notified immediately after the installation process is completed.

SSL Request

In conclusion:

We hope that this article has helped you learn the importance of the TLS / SSL Certificate for your WordPress site, the many benefits the Certificate provides, the role of encryption and how it is performed.
The uPress goal is to provide all our Customers with TLS / SSL Certificates, making the Internet more secure and particularly making your WordPress website more reliable and secure.

Dave Abargel

VP and founder of uPress, developer of Backend & Frontend, specializes in improving performance for WordPress websites, handling advanced security issues, and marketing on social networks. He is an active partner in a number of interesting projects in the field, such as WiPi, Enable, Greenicon, Speedom, and more.

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