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Carmit Solomon,

uPress Reseller Program

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to join our Reseller Program that allows you to provide your clients with hosting services.

Who is this for?

uPress Resellers are usually companies who manage several websites requiring routine operations, offering services to:

  • Website Builders using WordPress
  • SEO Experts looking to improve performance
  • Website Promoters and Marketing Agencies
  • Online experts that have several websites

What does  a uPress Reseller do?

If we look at uPress as the ‘Contractor,’ the Hosting Packages as the ‘Project’ then the Resellers are the ‘Sub-Contractors,’ on one hand working vis-à-vis with the ‘Contractor’ (uPress) and on the other hand, vis-à-vis with the ‘End User’ (Site Owners).

Simply put, the Reseller functions as the Hosting Service Provider for the End User (Site Owner) while also a Client for the ‘Hosting Provider’ (uPress).

How does it work?

The Reseller acquires Hosting Packages from uPress – your Hosting Provider.
We offer a variety of Hosting Packages from one website to packages for hundreds of websites.
After purchasing one of the uPress Hosting Packages, the Reseller can, at their discretion, define, distribute and share it with their customers.

The Package Owner’s Customers can either:
1.  Allow the Owner to manage their package or
2.  Manage it themselves.
Do remember and this is very important –  only the Owner holds the reigns and interfaces directly with uPress.

How a Reseller Account is expressed in uPress

Because we allow Hosting Package Sharing, all of our packages grant you the opportunity to operate as a Reseller.
When you work as a Reseller – as the primary owner you are the only authority who can interact with the uPress Support Team.

We want to deal with Resellers and we want the Resellers to deal with their customers.

Why Choose uPress?

First of all, we have GREAT support – try it for yourself.  Check out our Support Page and see reviews on our FB page.
Equally as important, we have everything WordPress Hosting has to offer including: Daily Backups, Staging Environments, User Friendly Management, etc.  We provide free Premium WordPress plugins and we know that you as a Reseller will offer more to your Customers by using our services. Simply the best – try uPress with our 30 day free trial.

If you are interested in sharing your Hosting Package take a moment and check it out click here .

Carmit Solomon
Carmit Solomon

Carmit Salomon, currently the office manager at uPress, formerly a developer of WordPress sites, a professional graphic designer and blogger. Has been practicing WordPress since 1996.

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