Sharing Hosting Packages

Dave Abargel,

Sharing Hosting Packages can be used by our Resellers as well as by any other uPress account owners.
This feature is easy to use and designed with the possibility of utilizing permission sets for roles of users, allowing better communication and security measures.
We created the process to be as intuitive as possible. This guide will give you detailed explanation. And as always, if you have any questions please contact our 24/7 VIP Customer Service Support Center.

How to Share your Hosting Package in uPress

For new sites:

  • Once logged into your uPress account, go to the uPress Admin Panel and Add a new site. 


Create new website - Sharing Hosting Packages in uPress


On the Homepage, go to “All Websites.” Click on “Create New Domain” and enter the Domain in the correct field (the address to be displayed at the end of the process). Click “Create Package.”

Afterwards, go to the Admin Panel of the WordPress Site you created ( in order to share it with the End User (the Site Owner).

You can do this by clicking the Settings tab and choosing Manage Sharing, then clicking “Add New.”




You will then be prompted for the Email Address for Additional User which is where the invitation is to be sent (this will also serve as the username for logging in). You will then be prompted to choose Sharing Permissions from a choice of 3 levels.


Sharing Permissions


3 Levels of Permission Settings:

  • Site Manager – read-only
  • Developer – Manage Developer Settings (hosting tools, files, etc.)
  • Admin – full permissions for all management settings, including delete, and Domain changes (other than financials)

Click “Create” to send an invitation to share with the address you choose.  Now all that’s left for you to do is follow the Package Sharing.

*Please Note – additionally, your customers can share any previous independently acquired packages with you and you can manage them under your private account.


Share status


And on the other end…

The End User will receive an email with a detailed invitation to use uPress services and receive manager’s access to the site. 




When logged in as an End User (Site Owner): find the Personal Icon on the upper left-hand corner of the screen on the HomePage, and Click “Shared Packages.”

A list of Packages shared with your account requiring confirmation will appear.


Shared Packages request


Now all that’s left for you to do is confirm you that you have received Managing Permissions for the Shared Packages. Do this by clicking “Accept.”

Afterwards, you can see all Packages Shared under “All Websites.”  You can manage the sites according to access permissions granted by the Package Owner.


To Summarize:

The Reseller purchases uPress Hosting Packages that we offer on our website. The Reseller can then define, share and give them out to their customers, as per the customer’s needs or the Reseller’s discretion.

The Package Owner’s customers can choose to have the package owner manage the package for themselves, but remember only the reseller interfaces directly with uPress.

Additionally, all matters regarding payments vis-à-vis the customers are dealt with independently by the Reseller.

Dave Abargel

VP and founder of uPress, developer of Backend & Frontend, specializes in improving performance for WordPress websites, handling advanced security issues, and marketing on social networks. He is an active partner in a number of interesting projects in the field, such as WiPi, Enable, Greenicon, Speedom, and more.

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