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Carmit Solomon,

Migrating a Website can be an exhausting process for novice users.
To avoid unnecessary headaches and waste of time, we offer an easy Free Website Migration System to all our customers as part of the Hosting Service we provide.

This article explains how to complete a request to migrate a website from your previous server using the uPress Admin Panel.
We presume by now you have a uPress Subscription and your uPress Admin Panel is up and running.

First, we begin by creating a Website that will serve as the Infrastructure for your existing website coming from your previous host.


Create a Website (package)

On your “Home Page” click on “MY WEBSITES

Home screen

You will now see the uPress Package you have selected (Personal / Professional / Business / VPS Server)
plus the Package Data that includes: used domains, disk space and monthly traffic.  Over time you will also see how much of the Storage Package you have used.


To start a website migration, click the  “Add new website” button in the image as shown below.


It will take you to a panel where the URL is selected:
If you have a Domain, keep “Regular Domain” then enter the Domain’s exact address in the field below:

Standard Domain


If you haven’t purchased a Domain, select “uPress temp domain” and add a website name in this field.

Temp Domain


The extension that appears later on in this field will be added to the name of the website you selected – and will be the temporary domain address.

Continue the process by clicking on the blue  “Access new-website.com admin dashboard” button. At the end of the process simply click the “Login to Manage Domain” button.

Access management

(If you click on the “Close” button, the next screen will appear with a gray square underneath the address you chose. In the center you will see “Management.” Click on it and you will reach the desired screen)


Website Migration – Fill out a Request Form to migrate a website from a previous server

Select the “Migrate WordPress installation from another server” tab and fill in the fields required for this migration.


Please make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Login details for the previous storage which you want to migration.  (This is the Link to the storage management panel which includes your User Name and Password –  usually Cpanel \ DirectAdmin \ Plesk)
  • Login details for WordPress – Link, Username and Password.

The migration process has 4 steps:
Step 1 – Fill in the login information of the Hosting Server which you need to migration your link to the Hosting Server + User Name and Password.
Step 2 – Fill in login information for WordPress – website url + User Name and Password.
Step 3 – Submit a Request – and you can add comments if necessary.
Step 4
– Perform the migration – this is the screen you will see at the end of  the request.

At the end of the process you will receive an e-mail that your request was received.  The migration request reaches the correct department where it  is checked and the website will be migrated during a one business day.


Please Pay Attention
We know the migration should be smooth and fast and take this very seriously.  It is important for you to check during the day for any emails warning of missing details for the proper transmission.
If all details are correct, the website migration process usually takes a full business day.

Once the website has been completely and successfully migrated from your previous storage, you will receive a confirmation  email. FYI – it’s very important to check that the website files have been stored in the previous storage.


Don’t forget! DNS forwarding to Upress servers

Only at the end of the process and after checking that all the website files have passed correctly, the DNS addresses must be replaced by the Domain that indicates uPress hosting.
You can cancel your previous storage approximately 72 hours from the time the DNS was fully updated, in order to keep the surfers who are still arriving at the previous server continue to enjoy normal surfing

The uPress Servers DNS addresses:



If you find this a bit complicated and don’t know how to do this, please don’t hesitate to contact uPress Support. Fill in your Support Ticket with all the necessary information including  the Domain registrar access information and the domain address you wish to update. uPress is here to serve you 24/7.



Carmit Solomon
Carmit Solomon

Carmit Salomon, currently the office manager at uPress, formerly a developer of WordPress sites, a professional graphic designer and blogger. Has been practicing WordPress since 1996.

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