How to Install WordPress using the uPress Admin Panel

Dave Abargel,

This article will teach you how to install WordPress on a new website using the uPress Admin Panel.

Time to start working with your Storage System and build your new website!

First, let’s start with “Creating a Site” which serves as the infrastructure for installing the new WordPress website.


Add a website to the Storage Package


Here are the list of steps you will use to add a website. We will go through each step, one by one.

  1. Home >> MY WEBSITES
  2. Add a Site
  3. Choose Domain
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Choose Language
  6. Start working on the website
  7. Publish Website

On the “Home Page” click on “MY WEBSITES

Home screen

You will then see the Package you have selected (Personal / Professional / Business / VPS Server)
plus the Package Data that includes: used domains, disk space and monthly traffic.  Over time you will also see how much of the Storage Package you have used.

Click the “Add new website” button.

Add site

A window will pop up where you’ll need to enter your website url:
If you have a Domain, keep the check in “Regular Domain” then enter the Domain exact address in the field below it:

Standard Domain

If you have not yet purchased a Domain, select “uPress temp domain” and add a site name in this field.

Temp Domain

The extension that will appear later on in this field will be added to the name of the site you selected. That will be the Temporary Domain address.
Continue  by clicking on the “Add website” button and then click on the “Login to Manage Domain” button.

Access management

(If you click on the “Close” button, a screen will appear with a gray square underneath the address you chose, at the center you will see “Management” – click on it and you will reach the desired screen)


Install WordPress

Start by installing WordPress. Simply click on the “Install WordPress” green button, as illustrated below.

Wordpress installation

After clicking on the green button you will see a message “WordPress installed.”

Enter the link as it appears on the screen.

Installation continue

To continue with the installation process – select the appropriate interface language for managing the site and click – on the “Continue” button.

Choose language

In the next window you must fill in all the information fields and when finished, just click on the “Install WordPress” button.

Fill form

That’s it!  You’ve completed the WordPress installation process and now it’s time to start working on your new site!

Please note that your new installation is currently working on a Temporary Domain provided by uPress. You can work on the website until it is time to publish it by redirecting the site to a Fixed Domain only after you redirect the Domain DNS to uPress.


Publish your website

If you have not yet made a DNS redirect, you must access the Temporary Domain provided for this site.

Don’t forget! When you finish building your website, you need to change the Temporary Domain Name to a Fixed Domain and update the DNS addresses in the Domain Management interface you purchased through the Domain Registrar Company.


uPress Servers DNS addresses: \

If you don’t know how to do this, you can easily open a uPress Support Ticket. Make sure you share the  Domain Registrar Access Information and the Domain Address you wish to update.

After the redirect is finished and the site is online, it’s time to seriously consider website security.  Along with the amazing uPress Security Systems we at no cost to our customers  free SSL certificates.

Check out our SSL Certificate Blog. And remember at uPress we provide 24/7 VIP Custumer Service.

Dave Abargel

VP and founder of uPress, developer of Backend & Frontend, specializes in improving performance for WordPress websites, handling advanced security issues, and marketing on social networks. He is an active partner in a number of interesting projects in the field, such as WiPi, Enable, Greenicon, Speedom, and more.

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