How to force WordPress to check for updates

Dave Abargel,

Did you miss an update notification? Are you searching for an update that did not appear? We recommend using the ‘Force Plugin Updates Check.’

WordPress is a live framework and therefore, must constantly update its components on issues like
security, performance or – to keep up with technology – add more features from time to time.
Here is our tip that will help you ‘Force Plugin Updates Check.’
Just to be clear: We are of course familiar with the saying “if its not broke don’t fix it,” but as far as updates go we consider it to be
important maintenance that should be implemented on any WordPress website.

Perhaps you read in Blogs or WordPress Groups that there was an update on a plugin or design pattern but you didn’t receive notification on your management interface.
This failure usually occurs in a premium plugin or (commercial) design pattern that is based on a customized update system.
If you are experiencing this problem, here is our golden rule for forcing WordPress to check for new and available updates.

Force Plugin Updates Check

To make WordPress check for new available updates we recommend using a special plugin – Force Plugin Updates Check  from the WordPress plugin library.


force plugin updates check
Force Plugin Updates Check plugin page


The plugin performs the action for plugins and themes.


After adding the plugin, yse your mouse and go to the Top Bar within the WordPress Admin Panel. Press the new button – Check For Plugin Updates.

check plugin updates

The page will now Refresh itself and if any updates are available they will show up. It’s that simple.

One More Thing

In order for available updates to appear, your website should contact servers.
Generally speaking, contacting the servers only happens when the Admin is done  manually – which is random, rare or never occurs.

Forcing your website to check for updates using a plugin is recommended for saving time along with having the updates shown in the Control Panel.

Dave Abargel

VP and founder of uPress, developer of Backend & Frontend, specializes in improving performance for WordPress websites, handling advanced security issues, and marketing on social networks. He is an active partner in a number of interesting projects in the field, such as WiPi, Enable, Greenicon, Speedom, and more.

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